Saturday, February 05, 2005

One Word

Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say The Word and I shall be healed.

A line we Catholics say every week before we walk the aisle and receive Him; the line that creates a strange ache deep inside me. Lord, if You could say just one word to me, what would You say? Yes. No. Because. Now. Amen. Nikki. What would You really say? What are You saying? Speak and I will listen, Lord; I can hear You in my heart.

Yes. Now is the best time. This is what I've always dreamt for you. Talagang para sa iyo. Oo, tama ito; tama ka. I'm glad you like it. I'm really happy that you're happy. Thank you for accepting this. Do you like it? Here you go. Just for you. Tanggapin mo na, matagal ka nang naghihintay. Para lang sa `yo.

No. Kasi alam kong masasaktan ka. I know what's best for you; really, I do. Hindi talaga puwede. Hindi siya para sa `yo. Huwag, masasaktan ako; mas lalong masasaktan ka. I say this only out of love. Trust me.

Because. Because I love you. You may not see it now, but I just want to make sure you're happy. Alam ko. Dahil hindi siya sapat. Because you will get hurt. Because the world needs you somewhere else. Because I want you to grow and love even more. Patience, Nikki. Don't be too stubborn; you will understand one day. Because he doesn't love you. Because My plan is best. You'll see one day.

Now. I'm glad you waited; aren't you? O, eto na, nakahanda na siya para sa iyo. This is really part of My plan for your life. Panahon na. Now is the time... your time to shine. Ngayon. Matagal ko na itong hinihintay.

Amen. You're welcome. And all things shall be well. I agree. Thank you for spending time with me. Salamat din. Goodnight to you too. Sleep tight.

Nikki. My daughter, my life. You are unique and I love you. Of course that was me holding your hand. I know everything about you... more than you'll ever know... and yet I love you even more. You are mine. I made you with a lot of love. Kilalang-kilala kita. How can I not love you?

In any One Word You say, and everything that is said and unsaid with it, I rediscover the mystery of You: You embrace me with my flaws, paving the Way for my dreams. You love deeply and I become who I must be in Your perfect time.