Monday, April 09, 2007

God in All (Small) Things

Learn from the way the wild flowers grow. (Matthew 6:28)

The first two photos were taken at the Sacred Heart Novitiate during last year's Holy Week Silent Retreat. Can you see the tiny yellow flower cradled on the leaf in the second photo? I stopped mid-stride when I saw it and got teary at the beautiful sight. The last two are from The Karis Tagaytay where I spent the last few days in glorious silence. I found the little yellow flower standing proudly amidst the gravel in the parking lot. Yes, the last is an extreme close-up shot of the lowly makahiya plant. So the next time you wish to run your foot against it (to see it fold up and close, and open again), be careful you don't trample on the pretty purple dandelion-like flowers!

Thank you, Lord, for the grace of seeing the Extraordinary in the smallest of all small things. Thank you for speaking in the Silence and Smallness. I beg for the continuous grace to share your Word with others to see the Extraordinary in the most ordinary of Every Day Things.


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